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Local History

Molunat is a settlement located in the beautiful region of Konavle, at the far south of the Dalmatian coastline, only 18 nautical miles from Dubrovnik. Its name derives from the Illyrian Greek word “molos”, which means “port”.

There are many traces of various archaeological sites on the sea floor, the mainland and on its walls and fortifications. These sites provided the evidence that Molunat has been inhabited since before recorded history, but most likely since Greek colonists first arrived in the area in the 7th century.

Molunat fell under the rule of the powerful, autonomous Republic of Ragusa in the 15th century, and the ruins of a former wall on the inland section of the Molunat peninsula can be seen to this day.

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The Village Today

Molunat is first and foremost a fishing village, and you can watch locals of all ages out in their boats from early morning through to sunset and beyond. The village’s charm and authenticity, peace and tranquillity, make it the perfect escape if you want to get away from the overwhelming crowds in Dubrovnik and the busier, nearby tourist destinations like Cavtat and in the other direction, Herceg Novi in Montenegro.

On one side you have the iconic cypress tree ridges rising along the hills of Konavle, and on the other side, the beautiful blues of the Adriatic sea - the best of both worlds!

Untouched nature is at the heart of Molunat, the bay relatively sheltered from some of the stronger Croatian winds, it is perfect if you like to take a walk (or a swim!) on the wild side.

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For lovers of nature, Molunat is a paradise found. The healing benefits of nature have been well documented throughout time, but from the moment you descend into the bay, you feel it for yourself. The scent of wild herbs, the palette of various flora and fauna around you, the cypress trees dotting the landscape, the glorious sunsets, and of course, the incredible crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Adriatic – you have it all here in Molunat.

Both locals and visitors share a respect for nature, this is the culture of the Konavle region, but being off the beaten track, and ecologically preserved, Molunat has natural healing at its very core.

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Location Map

“The solid stone ruins of times past echo the heritage of our tranquil harbour”

“The scale of Molunat allows things to remain much the same as ever, enabling a peaceful union with the surrounding nature”

“Even on a cloudy day, it is hard to ignore the beauty of the nature that envelops the bay”

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